PEER PRESSURE … the good kind.

August 17, 2013

Published on Happy Wives Club Blog (no longer available on site)
by Lori Byerly

For years I heard comments like, “I have three kids, two boys and a husband,” or “Geesh, all my husband wants is sex.  What a pervert!”  It was OK to poke fun at your husband or talk down about your marriage.  I got the impression that people didn’t want to be alone in life and marriage was the poor solution.  You lived with it because there wasn’t a better option.

But that all changed one day …
At a ladies’ group, a woman shared about her decision to build her marriage (and even enjoy sex!).  She had only positive things to say about her husband. We were all sort of in awe of her (and I think a little jealous) as she shared her journey.  She was truly a “happy wife.” She actively and intentional invested in her marriage and she was reaping the benefits.

Today I’m delighted to be part of that club and I know that speaking up for your marriage can make a huge difference for others.  It gives them courage to find their voice if they are already a “happy wife” and encourages others (with the good kind of peer pressure) to reconsider how they are building their marriage.

Bless you Fawn and the Happy Wives Club!  You are making a difference.

Lori <><
Lori Byerly is the author of The Generous Wife  blog and co-founder of The Marriage Bed website.  She lives in the beautiful Northwest (USA) with her husband and son. 

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