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November 29, 2012

Hi, gals,
This is the list of gifts ideas for men that I crafted from emails and comments from Generous Husbands everywhere (with a few additions or specific suggestions added by Paul and me). The links are monetized, so using them will help us. Where possible, links are to a search page for the item listed. 

Gifts for Her (Click here if you are a guy looking for gift ideas for your gal.)

Many merchants allow people to create “wishlists.” (like Realize also that friends and family members may know specifics as well.

There are many holiday specials (shop online at your favorite stores) and great coupon deals through companies like Groupon and Moolala.

Personal Items

♦  an electric razor (Norelco
♦  a quality pocket knife 
♦  clothing (wool socks, polo style shirts, Clark’s shoes)
♦  cologne (the one that turns her on) 

Hobbies and Interests

♦  sports items (golf balls)
♦  fishing gear (Alabama fishing rig)
♦  home brewing items
♦  exercise equipment (exercise mat, heart rate monitor watch, crossfit equipment)
♦  books 
♦  camping/hunting (shooting items, anything camo, Coleman tent light)
♦  flashlights (apparently you cannot have too many of these, hand crank L.E.D. flashlight)
♦  tools (door buster gifts at Lowe’sCraftsman 6″ slip-joint pliers, gift card to Home Depot)
♦  car care pack in a tote (duct tape, WD-40, ice scraper/brush, straight and Philips screwdriver, slip joint pliers, small adjustable wrench, tire pressure gauge, roll of paper towels, glass and vinyl cleaner) 


♦  “My Chrismas wish is to be debt free.” (May I suggest Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University? There is a home course or you could join a nearby class. These are not aff links.)
♦  silver or gold coins
♦  share of stock in a dividend paying company 


♦  beverages (Keurig K-cups, six pack of hard-to-get craft brews)
♦  candy (maple sugar candy)
♦  cooking equipment  

Electronics, Music, Entertainment, 

♦  eReader (Kindle Firecasepower adapter)
♦  pad/tablet (iPad 3G
♦  CD-r or DVD-R/Rw if they are into burning CDs/DVDs
♦  iTunes gift card
♦  ear buds (usually something in the $40 range is good)
♦  gift certificate to their favorite techie place
♦  external hard drive, case 
♦  thumb/flash drive or SSD hard drive (the bigger the better) Did they really need to say that?  :)

Quality Time

♦  the gift of my wife’s time (going to events that I like)
♦  approval or planning for guy’s weekend or hobby project 


♦  seeing her in nothing but a bow and an enthusiastic mood
♦  lingerie that you promise to wear
♦  tell him that you want him sexually and make good on that
♦  have sex (a lot, when he’s not expecting it)
♦  specific sexual acts (and, no, I’m not going to list them, ask your sweetie what he would like)
♦  a conversation about sex (what you like, what you want, not about what you don’t like/want)
♦  treat sex as something important (more important than housework, not on your “to do” list) 
♦  pantybypost (dot) com (monthly subscription to receive panties or briefs, I did not create a clickable link because this site uses real people to model their products)  

Non Item Gifts

♦  a “service” 12 Days of Christmas (12 days of no dishes, 8 Spurs games my wife would watch with me, 5 thirty minute massages, etc.) 

Gifts That Give

♦  buy items for ministries or people (one gentleman shared how his kids bought him a goat that would be given to a family in a third-world country)

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