June 23, 2011

Post Series:

13 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage - taking on the 1/2 marathon challenge from CMBA.
What Men Want - a series built on the perspective of a number of “generous husbands” 
“Love Is …” Series - thoughts on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 
The Submission Series  – my views on the subject of submission 

Misc. Project Posts:

Being Generous to the End  – organizing your paperwork
Twelve Days of Christmas  – a gift giving idea

Posts on Sexuality

What’s OK, What’s Not?  - biblical sexual boundaries
What’s On Your Playground? – building a fun, safe bedroom life
Get Educated – Have Great Sex - sexuality resources 
Sexual Permissions - examining sexual boundaries
As a Woman Thinketh, So is She - what do you believe about sex?  

Sorting Out Sexual Truth and Error - sorting out what you really believe
What Husbands Want – Love Me, Love My Sexuality – his perspective
Noisy Needs – hearing each others’ needs
Tip Me Over - tipping the scales toward a sex positive life 
10 Confessions of a Sex Postive Wife - thinking positively about sex

Sex in the Balance – the importance of sex 
Permission to Enjoy – why sex is OK
Growing in Your Bedroom Skills – read and learn
Check Your Fences – guarding against sexual temptation
Sexual Partner – tag, you’re it!

Talk Positive – change your sexual attitude with words
Hungry – understanding your husband’s drive 
Lack of Desire  - possible causes for a lack of sexual desire
Why Do You Say No? -  taking the time to examine why
I Don’t Feel Like Having Sex - finding the motivation

Are You Sex Hungry? – for the higher drive wife
The Other Side of the Coin: Why Guys Say No - busyness, stress and exhaustion.
Sexual Habits - change it up in the bedroom
Make Time for Sex - generosity in the bedroom
Move Him Up the Priority List - setting your relationship priorities

Make a Small Change – starting the process of change
Smile Over Dinner - sexual frequency
Give Him More Than a Clue – communication in the bedroom 
Quick Hide Mr. Bunny – privacy in the bedroom 
New Technique - a simple way to increase his pleasure

Invitation to Sex – ideas from generous wives everywhere 
To the Edge and Back Again – make it last
Holiday Sex – celebrate in the bedroom
Follow This – a trail as sexual fun
Creative Options - making a list

Great Resource – CWIVES – creative bedroom dares
Honey, Can I Get Your Help? – a holiday ambush
Pleasure Him – where’s your focus?
Surprise! – because you can!
Making Your Bedroom Special – ideas from generous wives everywhere

Recreate What He Remembers With Delight – serve up a bit of déjà vu
Head to Foot, Foot to Head – full body massage 
In Their Eyes - dealing with body image
Don’t Do It - a destructive cultural trend – labiaplasty

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