10 Questions for AnyTime-Weds

March 18, 2017

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Paul, my sweetie, gave his Generous Husband readership 10 Question for Oldyweds and then challenged others bloggers from the CMBA to do the same.

10 Questions for AnyTime-Weds

I am a lover of questions so I had to take up the challenge (but I can’t just limit myself to oldy-weds, so these are for anytime-weds).

Ask these questions of your sweetie.

 What is your favorite memory of us?
 What one achievement are you most proud of?
 What would be the perfect vacation?
 What one small thing can I do to make your life better/easier?
 What would you like to save for?
 What are you currently struggling with?
 How can I pray for you?
 Is there someone who needs help that we could help?
 Where do we need to cut back or simplify?
 What’s been on your mind a lot lately?
What personal or couple dreams have died? (Do we need to revive them or find new ones?)

OK, so that was 11 questions (I snuck one in there). I did mention I love questions.

Ask the occasional question over dinner or spend the afternoon in a private place going through them. Listen and learn.

Who questions much, shall learn much.  Francis Bacon

Prayer Prompt  Ask God to help you and your husband share deeply from your hearts.

This Month’s Marriage Challenge Look for new or interesting things to share in conversation with your husband.

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L March 18, 2017 at 12:39 pm

We went on a date recently, the first one in a while. We agreed not to talk about the kids or work (we work together). But then, of course, we sat there in silence. 😉 So he googled a list of icebreaker questions and we went through those. “Tell about a time you broke a bone,” etc. These questions would be great for us.


B March 18, 2017 at 12:40 pm

This is a great list, but too dangerous for me. If I ask him these questions, he’ll ask me the same. And if I tell him the truth, that all of my dreams have died, he wont care at all, but he will get really angry.
That’s actually why I have no dreams anymore, because I know he has no interest in making any dreams come true except his own.


Jerry Stumpf March 20, 2017 at 7:42 am

Lori, I agree, I am always on the look out for more questions to generate for couples. Thanks for your emphasis!
Jerry Stumpf recently posted…Growing apart? Stop it dead in its tracks!My Profile


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