National Pi Day

March 14, 2017

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Celebrations are a great way to have fun with your husband, family, and friends. Serious or silly, it’s all good.

Today is National Pi Day (the number π (pi) is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, usually approximated as 3.14159). Because today’s date is March 14th (3.14), it seemed like a good idea to celebrate pi. (Need more holidays to celebrate? Brownie Locks and the 3 Teddy Bears)

National Pi Day ♥ Celebrations are a great way to have fun with your husband, family, and friends.

I encourage y’all to bake a pie (or stop by the store and pick one up) and celebrate pi day with a little pie.

Just for fun (because very few people are really going to complain about pie for dessert).

Keep your fork, there’s pie!  Author Unknown


Prayer Prompt  Thank God for the person who invented pies.


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K. Scott March 14, 2017 at 8:50 am

I thought about making a pie, but decided on carrot cake, instead. :-)
K. Scott recently posted…Miserable MarchMy Profile


Lori - The Generous Wife March 14, 2017 at 11:18 am

There is actually a National Carrot Cake Day (February 3), but because I like carrot cake I observe it more often than that. :)


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