Sensual to Sexual

February 17, 2017

in the generous life

Invite your husband to a time of massage that leads to sex.

Sensual to Sexual - Invite your husband to a time of massage that leads to sex.

You can make it a sensual experience just for him or swap massages, but do spend a fair amount of time on the massage before moving to sexual play. You could start something spontaneously (keep a towel and massage oil handy) or go all out with a printed invitation and a comfortable room with soft lighting, music, and nice lotion.

If you have kiddos you will need to send them to grandma’s house for the evening or afternoon. Give yourselves plenty of time.

Massage: You know you knead it!  Author Unknown


Prayer Prompt  Ask God to help you create a time of sensuous pleasure for you and your husband.


This Month’s Marriage Challenge Bless your husband with small acts of kindness and generosity.


The Art of Simple: You love the person who will use it next Motivation for those mundane or difficult chores.


The Romantic Vineyard: Great Valentine’s Idea for Less than $12 This would work for any holiday or just because. (I love the mustache!)


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