I Love Being Married

March 22, 2014

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My husband recently penned 7 Awesome Things I Love About Being a Married Man (he got the idea from Black and Married with Kids).

I thought this was a terrific idea because it’s always smart to list the good stuff in your life and it’s an encouragement to others to do likewise.

So here are a few of the reasons I love being a married gal.

1. I have someone with whom to share my life.
There is just something about turning to share what I’ve seen or read or experienced. People are made to interact and share life with others. I love sharing my life with Paul. I love the companionship.

2. It’s lovely to have someone to help share the load.
I have gifts. Paul has gifts. Together we cover things better and the work load is shouldered by two instead of one. 

3. Having a spouse is like having a mirror.
In the scope of ever day life I see myself more clearly in how my husband responds to me. It helps me grow up. I’m grateful that he is so gracious about it. It makes my work easier.

4. Sex.
My husband is my only sexual partner. That’s the way God designed it. Sex is sweet and it builds a deeper kind of intimacy. 

5. I love having someone to have adventures with.
We share and shape each other’s dreams. We cheer each other on. The dreaming and doing is amazing fun. 

Be sure to make up a list of your own and share with your man (feel free to share as a comment too!).

A good marriage is each for the other and two against the world.  Robert Brault


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