A Thought Exercise

February 26, 2014

in the generous life

Toward the end of your life, how do you want your husband to think of you?

As a kind, thoughtful person? As a quirky, creative friend? As someone who had the time to sit and listen? As someone with a passion to live fully? As a warm and welcoming lover?

Seriously, take a moment and think about it.

There is, frankly, an odd kind of balance with this thought exercise. You want to be yourself (your husband married you for all that you are) and yet we all need to grow more like Jesus (which means facing and dealing with our personal messes) … and we need to carry a bit of grace for the journey.

This is basically a self check to make sure you are being the person you want to be and building the relationship that you want to build with your husband. Sometimes life blows us off course and sometimes we just get busy or distracted and forget the important stuff.

It helps to think about this sort of thing now and then.

It’s better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.  Jackie Joyner Kersee


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Gaye @CalmHealthySexy February 27, 2014 at 5:46 am

Thanks so much for sharing my post, Lori. I really appreciate it.


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