A Bushel of Ideas for Young Moms

February 24, 2014

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Su was the 2nd poster in the Date Ideas for Young Moms contest. She has won a Lang coffee mug (or the book of her choice from the Marriage Book Library). Congratulations Su!


There were so many great ideas shared in this contest, I thought I would do a brief synopsis of the ideas. Do take the time to read through all the date night comments to get more specific ideas and generally be encouraged that you will survive those years when you have little ones.

Who might babysit for free or on the cheap?

♥ relatives
♥ “adopted” relatives (I am “gamma” or “auntie” to several kids)
♥ people who will swap babysitting for some other service (like teaching them to sew or help with their garden)
♥ neighbors or friends that won’t mind watching your kids after they are in bed (they get a quiet house, you get a babysitter)
♥ other parents may be willing to trade babysitting

Other possibilities:

♥ some churches, groups, or schools have a parent’s night out where they watch the kids 
♥ create a baby-sitting co-op
♥ ask for free babysitting as a gift for Christmas, birthdays, etc.
♥ go places that have sitters or separate activities for the kids like at the YMCA, as your kids age, make couple time when your kids are involved in their own activities like Awanas

Also remember that dates can happen at any time of the day or night. Have a lunch date or go to a late night movie depending on the babysitting available. Dates can run for several hours or you can take little micro-dates (walk around the block a few times or share a dessert as the local coffee shop).

There were also a number of ideas shared for at-home dates and creative ways for keeping your kids occupied. It’s not quite as relaxing as being able to get away (you may still hear the occasional, “mom!”), but you get time for just the two of you.

♥ And let this be a reminder to the rest of us living in a different season of life ~ moms of little ones need our encouragement and help. Who do you know that could use a little babysitting help? ♥


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