A Little Grace

January 14, 2014

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From The Generous Wife archive:

This morning my sweetie and I were talking about how at times we give ourselves grace to make mistakes, but then again at other times we don’t.

For example, when I learned to crochet, I figured it would take me awhile to get better at it. I expected a few scrunched up stitches and a few extra loops. It was a part of the learning process. So then why was I so hard on myself when I was trying to learn a new attitude, like say ~ generosity? or kindness? or gentleness?

I think it’s easier to understand the more practical, physical applications because we can see it. We watch our children learn to walk or ride a bike. We understand that it will take many times of falling and getting back up before those skills become second nature.

Somehow, it’s not as easy to have the same understanding when it comes to attitudes and some adult skills (we’re adults, this should be easy, right?), but really the same thing applies. It will take us many times of “falling” and “getting back up” before generosity or any other skill becomes second nature.

So cut yourself a little slack. If you are trying to be less critical, applaud the seven times you did better and give yourself grace over the two where you blew it (just go apologize, OK?). Perhaps look at why those moments were more of a struggle for you. Were your tired or hungry? Were you distracted? Learn from your mistakes, don’t let them take you out.

You will fall down many times while you learn. Just get back up!

Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.  Oliver Goldsmith


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Nicole @ Working Kansas Homemaker January 14, 2014 at 7:55 am

I love this – and never thought of it! Wow…we do give ourselves grace sometimes with the more literal things and the invisible things of our character (invisible when comparing to say, learning how to cook real food) don’t get as much grace. Thank you for this!


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