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January 4, 2014

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Whether you are “making resolutions,” “one wording it” or simply “living life,” it helps to get specific about where you are going.

Yesterday I talked about using the word “gracious” as a theme for my year. Good, so far as that goes, but what does that look like? In real life? In my life?

I started by walking through my day and looking for those moments when I was not so gracious (I blew it pretty badly today, I’m grateful for apologies and do overs). What could I have done instead? Is there one small thing I can do (not do) or say (not say) to be more gracious? Or is it more about attitude? Who do I know that is gracious? Perhaps I need to take them out to lunch and listen to their perspectives. (I told you this would get interesting.)

If you want to grow your spiritual walk, what does that look like? A devotional? A prayer journal? A prayer partner? What one small step will you take?

If you want to build your marriage, what does that look like? Engaging him in conversation daily? What kind of conversation? Complimenting him? Initiating sex once (or twice) a week? What small steps will take you in the right direction?

Give it some thought and see if you can find one or two small things to move you toward your goal.

One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.  John Wanamaker


A generous wife (thanks, Lisa!) recommended One Word That Will Change Your Life. The book explains how to simplify your life by focusing on just ONE WORD for the entire year. It would make an amazing tool for the new year.


To Love, Honor and Vacuum: Beware of the Vacuum: Don’t Give Up Something Unless You Replace It A nice bit of wisdom.


Stupendous Marriage: Paul and Lori Byerly from The Marriage Bed Stu replays a past interview of us.


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