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January 1, 2014

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A new year has the feel of a fresh start. The page turns on the calendar and you have a fresh page of days yet to be lived. You imagine. You dream. You plan.

I’m all for dreaming big. I just encourage folks to be reasonable and sane about the steps toward their goals.

But there is another enemy of goals and life changes that people don’t always consider.


Nancy has an amazing home (your goals become about fixing up your home). Sue talked about the devotional she and her husband are going to use in the new year (you make a trip to the Christian bookstore). Your co-worker just earned a bonus (you’re all geared up to wow your boss this year).

It’s perfectly fine to learn from others or to get ideas from them. The point is that your life choices and goals need to be unique to you.

What is your sense of what God wants you to do?
What does your marriage need?
How are you gifted and what are you called to?

Don’t let comparisons derail you. If you spend your life trying to be like others, you’ll wind up looking like a copy instead of the original you were meant to be.

I encourage y’all to take some quiet time of the next few weeks and really think about your life. Try not to compare yourselves to others. Just hang out with God, spend some time talking with your husband, ask a few friends to pray for you. Set goals and aim at what is good for you and your unique life.

In all things that you do, consider the end.  Solon


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