Your Husband’s Holidays

December 4, 2013

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Ask your husband what he needs for the coming holidays.

He may need help with gifts for family, co-workers or friends. He may need munchies for work or help in organizing a party.

Grab a calendar and pad with pen. Write it all down (think through what is really important), create a plan to get it done and do what you can to be a help.

A winning effort begins with preparation.  Joe Gibbs


The Art of Simple: For everyone’s sanity, keep this Christmas simple Nice perspectives and a list of helpful links.


Storyline: Does Attending Church Mean You Must Carry “Buckets of Shame?” Stop the people pleasing and run after Jesus.


Heavenly Special Teas: Try #1007 Chocolate Almond Cookie or #1142 White Noel. They are lovely holiday flavors to share with friends and family. (When you order, please put “Lori Byerly” down as the consultant. Thanks so much.)


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