I’ll Trade You a “Brick” for a “Sheep”

November 10, 2013

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Lately my son and girlfriend have been over to play board games at our kitchen table.  It was a bit chaotic the last time we played, so I really needed to rethink the table area.

I put some pretties on my kitchen wall (you have to have pretties) and put all my table stuff (salt, pepper, etc.) on a small tray. I want to make it easier to clear the table and get to playing (lift the tray, swipe with a cloth as needed and the table is game ready). I also put all the tea in an organizer so that you can see at a glance what is available. There’s a bowl of fruit on the counter and I’m trying to be better about having cookies or scones or something for munching.

It helps to organize items and space to facilitate the good stuff of life. I want my kitchen table to be welcoming to my family and friends.

That said, what areas of your home need a little care? Do you need to fix your laundry system so that your bed doesn’t become the dumping ground for clothes that need to be folded? Do you need to create a drink center so that you and hubby can share your favorite coffees more easily? Do you need to go through your DVDs and put your favorite movies out where you will see them?

What do you want to see more of in your marriage and family life? What do you need to do to make that easier?

Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.  Jennifer Smith


The title of this blog post comes from one of our favorite board games ~ Settlers of Catan. Don’t forget to share your favorite games (<– click here and comment) to enter to win a copy of Grace Filled Marriage. I’ll name a winner on November the 18th.


For the Family: 10 Little Things to Bring Peace into Your Home Love, love, love this post and her list of peaceful ideas (I think they would be an excellent list of family rules).


Happy Wives Club: 10 Things I’ve Learned About the Power of Words in Marriage The words you use make a difference in your marriage. (Her TED talk is amazing.)


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