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October 28, 2013

in the generous life

Just for fun, I created a new badge for The Generous Wife Blog.

Then I got to thinking about how important it is to have an identity that speaks of your values.

So go ahead and say it … right out loud.

I’m a Generous Wife.

It’ll do you good.


Here’s the code. (I’m not sure it will show up well in email. If there’s any problem it is available in the right column of The Generous Wife website.)

You can change the size of the badge by changing the the height and width statements.


Speaking of code … Check out our new blog The XY Code: Decoding the Male Mind. Posting will start November the 1st,but you can subscribe right now so that you don’t miss anything.


Messy Marriage: A Door I’d Rather Not Walk Through … Amazing post. Please take a moment and pray for Beth as she faces the new “door” of breast cancer.


The Tea Lady also carries scones, dips and dessert mixes. Take a look through her Heavenly Special Teas Catalog. When you order, please put “Lori Byerly” down as the consultant. Thanks so much.


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