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October 10, 2013

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Michael Hyatt has a great podcast about dinner conversation (transcript here).

He lists 10 things that make for better conversation. 

I’d like to point out a few of those. They are soooo simple (unbelievably simple) and they can make your dinner time better.

#1 – Be intentional about it.
 There is going to be conversation. Give it some thought ahead of time. What can you share? What’s been happening in your day? What have you learned? Be engaged in the conversation.

#4 – Ask open-ended questions.
Be curious. Draw others out. Having trouble coming up with questions? Here is a year’s worth!

#10 – Affirm people, even if you disagree with them.
You want people to enjoy dinner and feel free to share. Let them be themselves. Affirm their journey even if your journey is different and you believe/think differently. 

There’s not a lot of preparation in these, just a little effort and attitude adjustment.


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