My Tea Adventure

September 23, 2013

in the generous life

Paul and I have been exploring teas as an ongoing adventure.

This morning I’m having a cup of Lemon Cream. It’s a white tea that tastes just like it sounds … a lovely creamy lemon. I give it four out of five stars (Chocolate Almond Cookie is still my favorite).  :)

For most of my life I didn’t like tea (or coffee) and that put a crimp in being sociable. I tried several times, but it all just tasted like “dirty water” and I got tired of trying to hide the grimace.

Well, one day when I was whining about it, a friend of mine (thanks, Auna!) introduced me to Sheri (The Tea Lady). She taught me about the different kinds of teas and how you brew them correctly and voila! I am now a confirmed tea drinker (and no longer a social outcast).

I thought I would share her business with y’all because her products are very, very yummy ~ Heavenly Special Teas (please list “Lori Byerly” as the consultant when you order to help fund my tea habit). She has an amazing collection of premium whole leaf teas (plus scones and other goodies).


Her teas are very fine quality and her passion is to share and (thankfully) educate folks about all her lovely teas.

How to Brew Tea Correctly
This was my problem. I let my tea steep too long and used the wrong temp.
Brewing time and temperature are important!

List of Teas by Type
Each type is brewed a little differently.
Be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging.

Catalog and How To Order
When you order, please put “Lori Byerly” down as the consultant.
Thanks so much. 

Aside from enjoying them yourself, I’m thinkin’ many of her goodies would make great gifts for friends and co-workers (and, of course, hubby too). I love gifts that you enjoy and use up.

Make tea, not war.  Monty Python

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Images courtesy of Heavenly Special Teas & Lori Byerly


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