Invest in Your Marriage for a Good Return

June 20, 2013

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From The Generous Wife archive:

A Dave Ramsey-ism …

When you’re dealing with finances and have, say, twenty bucks, you can buy “this $20 item” OR “that $20 item” (OR you could save the $20). The point is that you when you spend it on one item, you have in effect chosen not to buy the other item or put the $20 in savings. Money is finite and it causes you to make choices.

Our money choices are huge because they effect our lives. If I buy a second hand bike, I will likely exercise more. If I buy a mess of yarn, I will have what I need for a bit of creative expression. Neither choice is good or bad in and of itself, but I really have to think about what I’m doing with that $20 because that will determine how I will spend some of my time life.

How this applies to marriage …

Time is a lot like money. We have a finite amount of time each day. How we choose to “spend” it, will shape our lives and our relationships. I can spend my time practicing daily on the guitar and build a skill. I can spend my time reading and exposing myself to new ideas. I can spend my time playing with my children and build in them important values. If I choose to spend my time one way, I have in effect chosen to not spend it another way.  

Now, really, we have enough time that we can usually do a number of different activities, but we still have to pick and choose because our time is finite.

Where do you want to spend your time? Speaking as The Generous Wife, I encourage you to spend a good amount of time on your husband and your marriage relationship. I’m not suggesting that you give up the rest of your life to build only this relationship.  I’m suggesting that this relationship is very important and will give a very good “return,” one that impacts many areas of your life. The healthier your marriage, the better your health, the better your finances, the more secure your kids will be, and on and on. It’s smart to “invest” in your marriage. (And, of course, he’s worth it.)

Time is the coin of your life.  Carl Sandburg

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Gaye @ CalmHealthySexy June 20, 2013 at 6:18 am

Thanks for this important reminder, Lori. It’s very hard sometimes to choose to invest time in the most valuable things. Over the past few weeks I have found that “life” is getting in the way of the people/things/areas where I really want to invest my time. When that happens, it’s even more important to prioritize, or I may find that 3 or 4 weeks have gone by and I haven’t invested in my marriage, children and other things that really matter.


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