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June 3, 2013

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I was reading a blog post (Are you prepared? by Chris Brogan) and it totally inspired me.

I know that I do so much better when I think ahead and prepare for my day … when I think about dinner before 4pm … when I’ve thought through what I want to say to my husband (before I say it!) … when I budget … when I break down my projects into baby steps. 

Having the time to plan and think through everything means that I will do better and be happier with the results.

Why not spend a little time each day or week to plan and prepare. Think through your responsibilities and relationships (especially your marriage relationship) and choose what you will do rather than reacting to the chaos of life.

As a help, check out Simpleology. It’s a freebie service that helps you plan out your day. It’s far more than a “to do” list. It helps you sort through everything you have to do and make wiser choices. Fair warning there is a training program for it that starts out unbelievably boring (I’m on day 10). There is a lot of repetition so that you learn the program well and build the habit of using it regularly. Soooo boring, but very, very necessary.

I’ve actually gotten some things done that I’ve been meaning to do forever and I’m getting the important stuff done.

He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.  Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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