A Little Different

May 17, 2013

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Over time it is easy to slip into a rut about how and when you have sex. You go through the same motions at the same time of day in the same place in the house.

Now, honestly, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Doing what you enjoy and what works for you is a good thing, but the down side is that seasons change and some of what you normally do may not work as well (I’m thinking pregnancy or growing older). Or you just might want to try something a little different. 

You don’t have to make huge changes. Just little ones will do. Have sex earlier in the day (not late at night when you are both tired). Have sex in another room or in a different part of your bedroom (a love seat in your room can be fun). Touch your husband differently in little ways. Take it a little slower or a little faster. Now and then change the position.

Do something a little different.

Change always comes bearing gifts.  Price Pritchett

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