The Artist’s Daughter

April 25, 2013

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artistFrom time to time I have folks offer to send me books to read and hopefully recommend.

I have a fairly strict policy of only recommending things that I like or use or that I think a fair number of y’all will like or use. So when someone asked me to read a memoir, I had my doubts (never had much luck with memoirs).

The book in question? The Artist’s Daughter by Alexandra Kuykendall.

I was pleasantly surprised. I actually read it in one day (yes, I’m a fast reader). The story captured me and I had to read it to its conclusion.

The author talks through her daddy hunger, her need for approval, her marriage problems and her struggle with tragedy. I was also impressed with how supportive the MOPS groups were in her life. The connections and encouragement were amazing.

I walked away having seen God’s faithfulness and the strength that comes from family and fellowship. I was inspired by the author’s courage and her willingness to let others see into her life struggles.

I may have to give memoirs more of a chance.

… God, the artist of all things true and beautiful, loved me, called me into existence, claimed me as his daughter, and never left.  Alexandra Kuykendall

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I think i will be recommending this at the book club for the next read. We shall see what the girls have to say and hopefully it gets a thumbs up from everyone because i really want to read it now


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