It’s the Little Things

April 22, 2013

in the generous life

Sometimes the simplest of tasks can make a clear statement of care.

Making sure that your husband doesn’t run out of toothpaste or shaving cream is a small thing, but it says that you are thoughtful and aware of his needs.

What areas of your husband’s life would be benefited by a little thoughtful care over everyday items?

She watches over the affairs of her household …  Proverbs 31:27a   NIV

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One Flesh Marriage: 10 Confessions of A Marriage Blogging Husband It’s fun hearing from the masculine end of the spectrum.


Redeeming Marriages: Just Say No To Naysayers I honestly don’t think we can save all marriages (people have free will), but I do believe that many people give up before exhausting all options and giving God a chance to redeem the situation. What an encouraging message to those who don’t want to give up on their marriage.


This week’s ebook bundle is about gardening:

Frugal Gardening 101 by Phoebe Hendricks
Apartment Gardening by Jami Balmet
Simple Food {For Spring} by Shannon Stonger
Gardening Notebook by Andi Schneider
Heavenly Homemaker’s Guide to Gardening & Preserving
by Laura Coppinger



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