The Quick Anger of Inconvenience

March 30, 2013

in the generous life

Last night my husband stepped on my (last) hair clasp.

Thankfully it was under something on the floor so it didn’t hurt his foot, but it (the clasp, not the foot) was seriously dead.

I reacted with concern over possible injury, rather than anger and blame over the broken clasp. Now please understand that I’m not claiming perfection. It wasn’t that long ago I would have been miffed at the inconvenience of not having a hair clasp. I would have chided him for his carelessness (or at least thought the words).

My point behind this is that we can get past the quick anger of inconvenience. We can put small events in perspective with the rest of life and respond with understanding and grace. My husband did not intend to break the clasp. It was an accident. I’m glad he didn’t get hurt.

I bought a new hair clasp this morning (I should probably buy a couple more and stash them in a drawer, life happens).

Make it a practice to judge persons and things in the most favorable light at all times and under all circumstances.  Saint Vincent de Paul

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libl March 30, 2013 at 3:38 am

And what was it doing on the floor to begin with? ;-)


The Generous Wife March 30, 2013 at 10:47 am

:) I had tossed it on my nightstand, and it bounced off. I knew it was on the floor, but he didn’t.


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