Gentleness and Respect

March 17, 2013

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I was mutzing around in the Bible and came across this.

… yet do it with gentleness and respect …  1 Peter 3:15b  ESV

In context it’s talking about being able to explain your faith (perhaps even when suffering for His sake), but I think there is more to this as a kingdom dynamic. There is a call to exemplary behavior (in word and deed) throughout scripture.

We need to address people with gentleness and respect as a reflection of being a believer. Whether it’s that difficult neighbor, your husband who leaves his socks on the floor for the 300th time or your kid’s teacher that insists on giving your kids too much homework, it can all be addressed with a gentle and respectful tone.

As a marriage dynamic, I think it’s deeply important. So many arguments could be calmed if couples would speak to each other gently and with respect. It’s easier to see each other as teammates rather than adversaries.

I encourage y’all to give this a bit of thought, prayer and self-observation. I am.

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Robyn Gibson March 20, 2013 at 6:53 pm

Self-observation is so important. Not that we want to pick apart ourselves to try and muster the all the change in our own strength, but without a good honest look inside, we never see it. Such a great reminder!


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