Walking in the Word

January 6, 2013

in the generous life

My husband and I are going through the New Testament together this year. We read a chapter during the day (by ourselves) and then discuss it at the dinner table (together). 

It’s been interesting to see what stands out for the other person and I love how God points out little gems hidden here and there.

When all is said and done, though, one important question to ask is, “How does this impact me and how I live my life?” The Bible is a living book and it’s truths are meant to set us free and grow us up to be like Jesus (and make us better wives!).

I encourage y’all to get into the Word daily (devotionals are cool). Regardless of how you study, be sure to ask yourself questions and let the Word renew your mind and challenge how you live. 

It’s a good habit to develop in the New Year.

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If you have prayer needs, please leave them as a comment. (Be aware that this is a public forum, so please be discreet.) Ladies, take a moment and check the comments to pray for other generous wives and their prayer needs.


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