After Holiday Notes

December 27, 2012

in the generous life

As you and your husband are winding down from the holidays, be sure to ask a few questions and take notes.

What worked well? Badly? What would you like to do again? Or modify? Is there anything that you heard about or saw that you’d like to try next year?

Write it all down and tuck it with your holidays items or add to your family binder (or on Evernote). Then you won’t have to think about it until next year, but you’ll be prepared to make needed and wanted changes to bless your sweetie, family and friends.

He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.  Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Becoming His Eve: 16 Ways to Make Post-Holiday Chores Fun & Sexy Pick one or two for some after holiday fun!


Christmas Your Way: Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations Great ideas for packing things away and making next year easier.


The Frugal Girls: How to make Homemade Bookmarks from Cards This would make a nice holiday vacation craft for adults and kids alike.



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