Simple Hospitality

November 24, 2012

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How are you when it comes to hospitality?

I ask because it’s something that Christians are supposed to grow in and we are facing the holiday season when we typically hang out more with friends and family.

I’m for simple, so why not grab a pen and paper and write down a few things that you could do that would make your home more welcoming ~ emphasis on few and simple.

My list:

Sweep porch and wipe down front door. (I’m still looking for a cool wreath.)
Add coffee and hot cocoa supplies to my shopping list. I’m making a hot drink spot in my kitchen.
Do a daily 2 minute bathroom surface wipe down (after the family gets moving for the day).  
Smile at my family in the morning (hospitality starts with your family). 

It doesn’t take much to make your home more welcoming.

Practice hospitality.  Romans 12:13b  NIV  

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