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November 17, 2012

in the generous life

I know that words are important. We do need to communicate and talking is a good way to do that.

While our guys need to be told that they are loved and they are appreciated, words alone will not convince them. They need to see and experience this reality.

What that means practically is that you need to do and act in ways that prove what you say

Listen carefully to what you say. How are you living that out? What could you do that would show him that you really mean what you say?

I’m off to clear and pretty up the kitchen table (mealtime is important to my sweetie) and there’ll be a bit of lovin’ going on later in the day.

Show me.  Missouri slogan

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Sheila’s book 31 Days to Great Sex just came out. I’m reading it right now, so I’ll give you a review when I’ve finished it. I’m thinking it would be a great Christmas gift or New Year’s resolution.


Assume Love: The Tasks We Give Our Mates Oh, man, this is a really good post. Certainly it’s OK to ask for help, but this is an attitude buster.


To Love, Honor and Vacuum: A Contagious Smile What influences you?




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