Where is That Charger?

October 22, 2012

in the generous life

I am terrible at keeping my toothbrush charged.

The other day it was getting slower and sadder, moments away from toothbrush death. I had to dig through my toiletries basket to come up with the charger. If I made a regular habit of charging the silly thing this would never happen!

Right about that moment the Lord reminded me that if I made a regular habit of keeping myself charged, I wouldn’t burn out, wear out and generally get cranky. So I sat down with pad and pen and made a list of what I need. Regular sleep, healthy food, time with God, time with family and friends, creative outlet, play, etc.

What do you need to be on top of your game?

Stretching oneself too thin is the disease of modern life.  Terri Guillemets

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Kate S. October 22, 2012 at 1:53 am

We are in a season where I am having to be stretched thin and my batteries often die. I never get to be fully recharged. More like a quick 10 minutes and get as much done before the weak battery dies again. Hubby works and lives away from home for the time being. I have and homeschool four young children…one of whom is a nursing baby who is currently waking every hour all night long. Our finances are in shambles. We have a list a college ruled page long of repairs needed and things broken in the house.

About the only ones on your list that I get are healthy food and time with God (because I am always praying and crying out to him.).

The two things that really fully recharge me are hubby, and time away. I love my babies, but I get easily over stimulated by too much going on at once and sometimes my brain gets so jumbled and full I can’t even pray or think straight or sleep anymore. So many times I just want to escape to quiet and no responsibilities for just a little while so I can gather myself together and come back stronger and longer. That isn’t an option now and no one seems to understand that I am not trying to be selfish. After all, staying home and being with 4 small children and no adults 24/7 is a walk in the park!


The Generous Wife October 22, 2012 at 1:38 pm

Hi, Kate,

You are definitely in a difficult season, I’m so sorry. (Those of you who are reading this, please take a moment and pray for Kate.) In very difficult seasons, I have taken a 15 minute work cycle / 15 minute rest cycle (which was usually me on the couch with a kid climbing on me, but it was my time to rest and decide what I would do with the next 15 minutes). No, I didn’t get everything done, but I aimed to have clean clothes and meals. Everything else got done when it got done. I also leaned on nap/quiet time and regular early bedtimes. Like you, I need quiet time to myself.

I do understand how broken things can make your work twice as hard. Is there someone at your church that is handy that might help?

My other encouragement would be to hang out on homemaking and parenting boards and blogs. There are bound to be good ideas shared as well as some encouragement. I like theconfidentmom.com

Prayin’ for you.


Christian Women Ministry October 22, 2012 at 4:46 pm

Thank you, As Christian women we have a treasure that comes from the presence of the Lord. When we learn that “spending time with the Lord” as the #1 thing on our “to do list” pays rich dividends on earth as it is in heaven. This not only transforms us but cause us to become transformers;instead of burnt out complainers. The joy of the lord really is our strength, It is the best gift that we can give to ourselves, our husbands, family….


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