#2 Speak Clearly

October 2, 2012

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I’m “running” in the CMBA half marathon (blogging daily from Oct 1st to 13th) by writing “13 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage.”


13 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage

#2 – It’s far kinder and more effective to speak directly and clearly to your spouse.

Hints don’t work. Talking about a subject but not being specific about what you want doesn’t work. Hoping your spouse has taken up mind reading does not work.

You need to be clear. Try “hon, do you have time to mow the yard this week?” rather than, “boy, the grass really is getting long.” Even if you don’t get the answer that you hoped for, you have been clear and everyone knows what the discussion is about. Sure beats misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Speak properly, and in as few words as you can, but always plainly; for the end of speech is not ostentation, but to be understood.  William Penn

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Cindy and Steve Wright - Marriage Missions October 2, 2012 at 7:03 pm

Lori, You’re right on in this. Years ago I used to think “if my husband loves me he will know what I need.” What a fool I was. There are times when even I don’t know what I need. The Lord is good at showing me that over and over again by meeting my REAL needs –not the ones I think I need. Once I stopped requiring my husband Steve to read my mind and actually have made it a practice to ask him –giving him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know, SO MUCH drama left our relationship! And he has told me he appreciates not having to guess as he did before. He’s great about trying to please me. You and I are blessed. We have great guys. Thank you Lord! Please know that Steve and I appreciate you and Paul… MUCH!!!


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