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October 1, 2012

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I normally blog daily so being a part of the CMBA half marathon (blogging daily from Oct 1st to 13th) is a bit of a cheat for me. So I thought instead that I might have a little fun with it. Debi of The Romantic Vineyard suggested writing “13 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage” and that seemed like a great idea, so here we go!

13 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage

#1 – It’s important to celebrate with your spouse.

You create shared fun and you create couple memories. Celebrations would include the usual stuff like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, but you can also celebrate a new job or the first tomato out of your garden. You make your sweetie feel special when you celebrate with him and you keep things fresh and fun. All good stuff when you want to continue to grow your marriage.

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And, lest we forget, this is the first of October and time for gals with October anniversary dates to share and get prayer for their marriages. If you were married in the month of October, please leave as a comment to this post your names, wedding date, how long you’ve been married and something you love about your husband.

For example: (this is mine from January)

Paul & Lori
January 18th (27 years)
My husband loves adventure.  
He makes me laugh and keeps me young.

Let’s be a praying community and lift up these gals and their October marriages.  

Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness.  Martin Luther

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The Marriage Bed: Survey on Sexual Positions It’s anonymous, survey results shared October 4th.


To Love, Honor and Vacuum: The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex Encouraging Review! Great book, great review. Buy a copy!



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Ron October 1, 2014 at 2:23 am

Ron & Gloria, October 4 – 28 years
She loves coffee, chocolate, the Baltimore Orioles (good year to be an Os fan) , and Dancing with the Stars. She is compassionate and caring, and unafraid to share her faith with her fellow drivers at the bustard where she works. We went through a tough spell where we were not exactly paragons of virtue, but she displayed a ton of grace and overlooked (and forgave) a lot of my junk….and we are stronger than ever!


Melodee October 1, 2014 at 3:11 pm

Richard & Melodee (Dick &Dee)
October 28, 2006 —8 yrs

I love that he takes being the spiritual head of our family so seriously; he inspires me to be a better Christian, wife, employee , etc. He believes in me even when my faith is weak.


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