In Praise of Baby Steps

September 24, 2012

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This fall has been an incredible blessing for me. I’m finally seeing some significant change in my house and yard. We have a few rooms finished out and painted. The yard looks like a … well, a yard and the gardens are taking shape.

That may not seem like much, but we bought our house “as is” at a very busy time in life for us. What that meant practically was that we had little time to clean up and fix up (which was a serious bummer for me).

I have learned, however, that you can still make progress if you will continue to make small baby steps in the direction you want to go. It may take you awhile to get there, but you will get there!

What does this have to do with your marriage?

Same concept. You may feel that you’re not communicating well with your husband or that your bedroom life is dismal. Your life may be too busy and stressed or you never have devotional time with your sweetie. 

Start with baby steps.

Kiss your husband each morning. Compliment him every day. Clean up one spot in your bedroom. Clear an afternoon to spend with your sweetie. Ask about his week and let him know that you are praying for his needs.

… and then keep at it.

I know it’s a bit disappointing that you can’t make big changes happen immediately, but one day you will look up and see significant changes in your marriage and home life. Then you can smile really big, give your husband a huge hug and encourage someone else to take a few baby steps.

By taking steps so tiny that they seem trivial, you can sail through obstacles that you never thought you could defeat.  LaRae Quy in 5 Characteristics of a Strong Mind 

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