How Can I?

September 13, 2012

in the generous life

I was reading LaRae Quy’s blog and a sentence jumped out at me (OK, it’s two sentences, but it’s one great piece of advice).

Never ask, “Can I do this?” Instead ask, “How can I do this?”

This kicks a hole in the side of the box to help your vision expand. 

Can I have a better sex life? How can I have a better sex life?
Can I learn to speak with grace and kindness? How can I learn to speak with grace and kindness? 
Can I understand my husband better? How can I understand my husband better? 

How can I do this?

This question is full of dreams and “can do” attitude. Thanks, LaRae!

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What would you say? ~ An Hour to Live. An Hour to Love. (from Happy Wives Club) 


Looking for a place to give? ~ Will Do Marriage Ministry for Money (from The Generous Husband)



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