Saving Together

September 11, 2012

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Is there something that you and your husband would like to own or would like to do together, but the price is a bit steep? A vacation? A new mattress? Furniture for your patio?

Grab a jar and label it (maybe even put a picture of the goal on it too). Begin dropping in change and any extra earnings.

It’s great to have a goal you are both working toward and it will be something you can celebrate together when you get there. 

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Can you find 5 minutes for Weekly Devotions: Commit to the Fight of your Marriage? (from Elevate Your Marriage)



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Mommy Joys September 17, 2012 at 10:48 am

Early in our marriage, I read about an idea that the writer’s parents had done (and they passed the tradition on to their children). Every time they had sex, they would set aside $1. It became their own little code language. The father would come home after work and say, “Hey, I have a dollar here!” and his wife would respond coyly, “Well, I know just what to do with it!” Their kids were never the wiser, until their parents explained the tradition to them just before their own weddings. Anyway, the father and mother saved all those dollars up until their 25th wedding anniversary, then they used their savings for a luxurious vacation for two to Hawaii!

As soon as I read about this idea, my husband and I started saving. This winter we’ll have our 10th anniversary, and we’ve decided to use our “sex fund” to take a vacation together to celebrate.


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