Warming Up Winter

August 15, 2012

in the generous life

Yesterday’s post about a change in season reminded this generous wife (thanks, Valerie!) of something she did for her husband.

One morning I checked on my husband after he walked out the door. It was a particularly cold morning. As I stood peeking out the window, I saw him trying to get ice off of his cold vehicle window so he could get to work.  I was reminded of how my dad had problems getting ice off his windshield because the car was cold. So Dad began warming up his vehicle to make it easier.  Since my honey is not  a morning person, I thought it would bless him if I helped him out by warming things up. He has about a ten to fifteen minute trip to work. The vehicle takes almost that long to warm up.

In July we went to an office party and I was blessed. One of his co-workers told me I was a really good wife. (blush) I kind of laughed and he insisted that he meant it. Come to find out my husband told them about me warming up the vehicle for him. To be honest there were plenty of days I didn’t want to get out of our warm bed, bundle up and do this. But I wanted to bless him and usually that thought outweighed my comfort.  This isn’t the first time I’ve caught him bragging on me. 

This gal was a student of her sweetie (she knew he was not a morning person, she peeked out the window and assessed his problem) and she found a way to practically serve him. (I hope y’all also noticed that her husband did some bragging about her and how much that blessed her. We can bless our husbands by bragging on them as well.)

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Mike S August 15, 2014 at 6:01 am

They have remote starters, you know, that you can use from inside the house. :-)


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