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August 14, 2012

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In my neck of the woods, we are headed for the fall season.

That means back to normal routines (summer tends to have a lot of disruptions), the start of school for many of my friends’ kids (my kiddos are grown) and looking forward to all the fall and winter holidays. I’m harvesting veggies and herbs and planning toward putting my garden to sleep for the year (I have some plants to move when it gets a bit cooler, some clean up to do and mulch to put down).

As I move from summer into fall, I’m looking for ways to simplify. I’m going through my gardening stuff and scaling down my tools (I pretty much only use a handful of them anyway). My pile of pots is smaller and all my seeds and notes are in one box (I hope to create a garden journal over the winter). It’s nice to know where everything is and cutting back a bit means I have what I need and it’s usable (not a lot of clutter that I trip over at every turn).

As you walk into the next season (whatever that is for you), why not take the time to go through the last season’s items and pack away only the good stuff for next year. Make a note of what you need to replace or any items that you think might be useful for next year (and, hey, buy them on sale as stores close out their seasonal stuff). Box stuff away and label it so that you can find it more easily next year.

Then take a few days to look at your next season needs. Pull out any season related items and go through them. Remove worn or broken things (unless they have sentimental value, tuck them in a memory box) and clean/fix up what you have. Make a list of what you will need. What will you face weather wise? What activities will you enjoy? Sell or give away items that you don’t use anymore. Clean up. Simplify. Organize.

Does your sweetie need anything? What does the next season look like for him? Now is really not too early of a time to talk through your seasonal plans. 

I believe good plans are the best way to maximize fun, avoid disaster, and possibly, save the world. I spend a lot of my time making them.  Katherine Hannigan

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