The Big Fight

August 5, 2012

in the generous life

heavyweights, 4 rounds

I’d like to think that even when I am not being foundationally generous, that I am at least a little nice.

What I found out, though, as I explored generosity is that it is very much a mindset and when I am not developing generosity, … well, for the most part I am stingy. I’m more concerned about what I am getting (it’s OK to ask for what you want, I’m talking heart attitudes here), making sure everything is “fair” and then my husband becomes an opponent, not the teammate that I adore. 

Ick. I didn’t realize how destructive it was. When I am generous, then generosity KO’s stinginess, but when I slip away from generosity and fall into stinginess, then stinginess wins and my husband and I both lose.

I know it’s a day by day choice and a skill we grow in, but let’s KO stinginess and declare generosity the champ.

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