The Generous Response

July 30, 2012

in the generous life

I read through 50 of Our Favorite Encouraging Tweets from July ‘12 (from (in)courage) and this one in particular stood out to me.

What happens in us matters far more than what happens to us. Our experiences don’t define us; our response to them does. @gritandglory

Life just happens some days and often we have to deal with the consequences of others’ actions. These things don’t necessarily define us.

What we choose to do and say in response … now that is a reflection of who we are.

I think that is the heart of the generous revolution. We are generous because we allow God to change our hearts and grow us up. That just bleeds out in our choices, our words and our actions.

Being thoughtful, kind and generous as a way of life defines us.

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Which is your favorite tweet? ~ 50 of Our Favorite Encouraging Tweets from July ‘12 (from (in)courage)


Don’t let health fears keep you from being fully present in your marriage. ~ If You Want a Healthier Husband or Wife (from Assume Love) 



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