In Praise of Mini-Vacations

July 28, 2012

in the generous life

There was a snafu over vacation time for a friend of mine. What that meant was that there would be no typical vacation for him and his family this summer. Serious bummer.

I have to hand it to them though. They are being creative with little mini-vacations, day trips and weekend fun.

Paul and I are having to do much the same this summer. We can’t take off for a couple of weeks, but we can take the day off to do something fun and we will be able to sneak away for a couple of days here and there.

My point is, sometimes there are constricting issues in your life. Don’t let that stall out the fun. Think outside of the box for couple and family time. Camp in the back yard, play tourist in your own town or have weekly dates on the cheap. Think about what you love to do and what you have available in terms of time, energy and money. How can you have some fun time off in a smaller or less expensive way?

Laughter is an instant vacation.  Milton Berle

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Chris July 28, 2012 at 7:53 am

This summer we have experienced our own “constricting issue”. Since the 6th of June, my three children have had whooping cough. We’ve been quarantined. :(

After reading a post at The Romantic Vineyard (great blog!!), I was inspired to plan a mini-vacation. We’ll be taking a “trip to Jamaica” tomorrow! I thought I’d share the following specifics in hopes of inspiring??…

The backyard gazebo will become a Jamaican restaurant (white muslin drapes, white tablecloth, tropical flower centerpiece and of course, tiki torches). On the menu is Jerk Chicken, Festival Bread, Plantains, Tropical Fruit, and Ginger Beer for dinner. For dessert: Coconut Milk Ice Cream, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Blue Mountain Coffee. (Half of the food will be take-out from a Jamaican-style restaurant and the rest I’m using recipes off the internet to make.) I also made a CD to play Jamaican-style music (reggae, calypso, steel drums, Harry Belefonte, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, etc.)

After dinner we’ll play a friendly game of dominoes, (apparently is a favorite pastime in Jamaica.) And then we’re going to watch the movie Cool Runnings – a family-friendly comedy based on the true story of the Jamaican bobsled team at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

On the romantic side, I’m transforming the master bedroom into a Jamaican resort. I went hunting throughout the house and garage to see what I could conjure up that looked “tropical” to me. I found an old white shutter in the garage that I heavily sanded and hot glued a few sea shells to – now it looks very “beachy”. I’m going to hang it above the headboard. I also made a couple of new tropical-fabric pillow shams for the bed and a couple of coordinating throw pillow for the settee. I found a couple of old pillar candlesticks that I painted white, and I found a few wicker baskets. (For inspiration, I looked at photos of the “accommodations” at a few resorts in Jamaica.) I also purchased a couple of small plants, borrowed some Jamaica books from the library for the coffee table, and made “room number” and “do not disturb” signs for the bedroom door.

The master bath will be transformed into a “spa”… lots of votive candles around the tub, a Carribean Spa CD (from Amazon), and some spa accessories like a natural sea sponge, some dead sea salt, a mango-orange body bar, coconut foot rub/massage lotion, etc. (Burt’s Bees has some nice “spa” products).

Being quarantined most of the summer has left me with some time on my hands to dream and prepare. Hopefully our mini-vacation to Jamaica will be a much-needed boost to everyone’s spirit after 7 weeks of sickness. I’m actually having so much fun with this, I purchased passports from a scrapbooking supplies store and am in the process of planning a “trip around the world”…

Oh, here’s the link to the inspiring post at The Romantic Vineyard, the idea came from the D.R.A.B. dates (scroll about halfway down the page:

Actually a search on their home page under “date night ideas”, or “creative dates” will offer a lot of great ideas!



The Generous Wife July 28, 2012 at 8:08 am

Wow! How creative! Hope you have a delightful time. (So sorry about the whooping cough. I know it’s going around. My dad caught it and he is still mending.)


The Generous Wife July 28, 2012 at 8:08 am

Yup. The Romantic Vineyard is king of the “date night idea” mountain.


Fawn Weaver July 31, 2012 at 2:14 am

My husband and I are the masters of turning everything into a date. And staycations are the best. I like The Dating Divas for great at home dates and the Romantic Vineyard for other ideas.


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