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July 21, 2012

in the generous life

Each day I try to add a couple of links to good resources online ~ a blog post, a creative idea, an inspiring book.

Well, some days I’m just overwhelmed by good stuff and it’s hard to narrow it down to just two. Today is one of those days, so I’m going to list a bunch of blog posts that had real wealth to them.

I encourage y’all to get a cup of coffee (or whatever you like to drink), put your feet up and read a few of them (all of them if you have the time). There is some great humor, wonderful insights, encouragement and more.

[Wo]man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.  Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Kids are such a hoot ~ What I Learned About Mickey Mouse: Tales from the ‘Hood My daughter once called a stranger on the street “Daddy.” (from Making Love in a Microwave)


Keeping your marriage alive over the years ~ Gray Divorce Remedies – Part 3 I’m really enjoying this series (must be the gray hair). (from Journey to Surrender)


Leadership in every area ~ Do You Really Want Your Husband to Lead? Great article to share and discuss with your sweetie. (from Intimacy in Marriage)


Facing and dealing with more subtle forms of anger ~ The Bird An exercise in forgiveness. (from {double hockey sticks})


Some helpful ideas ~ Get Out! Forming a Babysitting Co-op I like the coupon idea! (from Engaged Marriage)


Sweet, sweet encouragement ~ Are You Comfortable Wearing Forgiveness? (from (in)courage)


Dream a big dream ~ How Would Being Debt Free Change Your Marriage? Yes! It is possible. (from Elevate Your Marriage)


Be inspired with hope ~ Commemorating the Good Stuff Say cheese! (from Encourage Your Spouse)



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