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July 6, 2012

in the generous life

An (anonymous) generous wife sent this idea to me. 

While I was in the garden with the sun shining on me today – I didn’t have any sunscreen on and hoped I would be ok. I had an idea.  My honey and I should check our bodies for unusual moles regularly and it’s hard to check all our parts, right?  Well I thought wouldn’t it be neat if once a month, as a couple, we could check each other’s body. Then I thought about breast cancer awareness (I LOVED your topless idea!!) and how it’s recommended to check them once a month. (I generally try to do it 14 days after I start my period to avoid any “normal” bumps that come and go with periods. )  My mind is thinking, I know my husband enjoys watching me touch myself, well wouldn’t it be neat if we did a mole check and then he got to watch me examine myself. It’s not much fun on my end normally to check the girls, but this could be fun. Maybe we could both do a breast exam!  

Nice way to spice up a necessary monthly check!

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