Why Do You Say “No”?

June 15, 2012

in the generous life

What is your most common excuse for not having sex?  

Examine why this is so and do something about it.  

If you are too tired, simplify your life and make sure you have the time and energy you need.  If you have body issues, read a good book (aff link), talk with your friends, pray and generally seek God’s perspective on feminine beauty.  If you are having relationship troubles, seek help.  Deal conclusively with the issue behind the excuse.

There’s an interesting survey about this topic on The Marriage Bed’s Facebook page ~ Why Do You Say No to Sex? Please stop in and vote. You will feel less alone and you will help those of us who write about marriages to know where to focus. Thanks so much.

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WooHoo! Questions! ~ Getting closer – a shortcut A great way to build intimacy. (from The Generous Husband)


It always bugs me when someone says “don’t do,” but they never bother to tell you what you “can do.” Not so with Sheila. ~ How to Spice Things Up Without Fifty Shades of Grey  (from To Love, Honor and Vacuum)



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