Father’s Day is Around the Corner

June 14, 2012

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Just a reminder that you have a few days left before Father’s Day.

What would your husband like to do? What kind of gifts would he like? Yes, you want to make the day fun for your kiddos, but let this be a learning moment for them too ~ how to give gifts that the receiver will want. I realize that with younger ages there are limitations, but kids can be quiet so that daddy can take a nap or they can help make his favorite dessert. The holiday is about celebrating Dad. Make the day special for him. (Your kids will understand and appreciate it more when there are holidays that are special for them.)

If Father’s Day is particularly painful for your guy (he just lost his dad, you are struggling with infertility, etc.) find a way to make the day comforting or fun. If you’re not sure what to do, ask your sweetie what he would like to do and follow through.

The nice thing about holidays is that you get to choose how you will celebrate them (or not).

 If you are looking for a private gift, consider 7 Days of Sex Challenge (aff link) by Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo (hey, it’s appropriate, that’s how he became a dad). It’s an encouraging guideline for taking a week to devote yourselves to sexual intimacy (though it impacts to some degree all areas of marital intimacy). 


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Paul and I have done something like this (we used paper shapes) ~ Block Party Date Idea Great way to build communication skills and have a giggle or two. (from The Romantic Vineyard)


I know that lately we’ve all heard a lot about Shades of Grey, but Sheila has a unique perspective and I think this post bears reading ~ 50 Shades of Grey is Bad for Your Marriage (from To Love, Honor and Vacuum)



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