Don’t Whine, Be Practical

June 13, 2012

in the generous life

I was born practical. (I can also whine, but I digress.)

The point is that I have learned that being practical is a great tool. When something is not working, rather that sit in the problem and bemoan the situation (whine), brain storm and come up with a number of practical options to try. Pick the best idea and work with it for awhile. If it doesn’t pan out, modify the idea or pick another solution to try.

Being practical in marriage is a sanity saver. Life shared with another person is the breeding ground for many little bits of friction. Rather than letting the friction continue and grow, get practical.

So when your husband loses his mind for the 400th time because he can’t find his keys, help him create a drop of spot or get one of those key finders. (aff link) Don’t sit in the problem. Look for a practical solution.

So never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard-seed germinates and roots itself.  Florence Nightingale 


This one pinches ~ How to Motivate Your Spouse A great (and needed) read from Messy Marriage.


What an encouraging post! ~ When little is big I’m going to have to read this one a few more times. (from Too Darn Happy) 



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John Wilder June 13, 2012 at 7:43 am

Your links are not working, I tried to retweet your cool post


The Generous Wife June 13, 2012 at 9:43 am

It must have been a temporary glitch. I’ve run through all the links and they work. If you’re still having problems, please let me know what message your get so that I can narrow down the problem.


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