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May 27, 2012

in the generous life

© Alexshalamov | Dreamstime.comI just read We Need To Stop Meeting Like This on Elevate Marriage. It reminded me of how important time with Jesus is to our walk in life (and in our marriage relationship). Knowing Jesus makes me a better person and a better wife.

The thing is, the busyness of life tends to run over everything, including my Jesus time. I have to work to create habits that keep me aware of and engaged with Jesus (just like I have to work to keep aware of and engaged with my sweetie).

What would it take for you to make a Jesus habit or two? (Here’s a helpful post – Secret Garden)

God…. is longing for a time of communion with His children. Specifically, He longs to meet with you. He knows you know that He loves you. But still, He wants to say it again. He knows you know that He is faithful, but He wants to show His faithfulness once again.   Anonymous

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Thought provoking post from The Generous Husband ~ Your Sexual Foundation What does the Bible really say?


Anniversary congrats Robert and Lori! Thanks for sharing 28 valuable lessons from 28 years of marriage (from Ferguson Values)



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