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May 6, 2012

in the generous life

I want to showcase a particular ministry … for two reasons.

1. I think what they are doing is marvelous (and encourage y’all to take part in whatever way you are able). Take the time to watch it now, if you would (if the video doesn’t show up here, click this link).

2. Kristen and her family are just like you and me.

She is a regular gal with a regular family. She just listened to the heart of God and was willing to step out.

The truth is that we are limited only by the size of our dreams and our willingness to risk. Our God is big and able and He wants to work through us.

I don’t think we have to cross oceans to serve (though we could). I don’t think we have to start a ministry (though we could). However, I do think that daily we need to see ourselves as the hand and heart of God. We are surrounded by people that need Jesus or that need a hug or a helping hand.

How can you serve others? What people group stands out to you? What are your skills? What can you learn?

What is God calling you to?

God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them.   Author Unknown


Need an instructor? Learning to be Married  (from Square1 Ministries) 


Next in the series of  The Power of Positive: Thinking (from Journey to Surrender) Something to chew on and practice.



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