Change of Plans

May 5, 2012

in the generous life

Well, our weather just turned cool and rainy again. No more gardening for the next couple of days. [sigh]

I bought a puzzle and set it out on a table to work on. We’ll probably play Settlers of Catan (aff link) sometime this weekend. I may bake something fun or we’ll work on an indoor project (I really need to get some stuff ready for a garage sale).

When your plans falls apart, how easy is it for you to regroup? How do you handle the disappointment? Take a moment to settle your thoughts, be creative and make another kind of fun. 

Okay, everybody, listen up. There’s been a change of plans. from The Pacifier

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Adam's Eve May 7, 2012 at 11:20 am

I admit. It’s difficult for me to change plans. It depends on what the plans are (so if it’s something like we’re eating at Wendy’s tonight instead of pizza that’s okay)… but if it’s something I’ve been pinning my hopes on, I’m easily discouraged and crushed. God has been working in my heart on this. There’s always hope. And I should be more of an optimist. Actually, it’s rather amusing since often during these times of “crushing disappointment” my husband, who is usually somewhat pessimistic, is refreshing optimistic and helps me find new things I can do with my time. It’s wonderful to have him around for support and encouragement, and to feel the love of God through the love of my husband. Good post!


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