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April 15, 2012

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Are you struggling in your marriage? What part of the problem is about practical issues (stuff that you can change)?

Let me give you an example of what I am suggesting.

Let’s say mornings are a war zone between you and your husband. Keep a running list of the things that you argue over and generally fuss about and see if there are any themes. Perhaps you are both feeling frazzled and grumpy because you are usually scrambling for clothes, keys, papers, etc. and you both feel very rushed. Break down the morning rush and deal with each little issue. Perhaps set out your clothes the night before, create a drop spot for all your personal items and have a collection place for all the kids stuff (where you make sure items are gathered the night before). As you have success in calming your mornings, offer to help your husband do likewise. Begin to whittle away at the morning hassles. This might solve the problem altogether or at least remove all the static to reveal the real issue(s).

Let’s say you or your husband resents a particular chore. Discuss it and break it down until you understand the practical issues behind the chore. What options do you have? Can you break the chore into smaller bits if it’s an overwhelming chore? Can you delegate the part you dislike?

The point is that you take the time to look at what you can do practically about a difficult situation or problem in your marriage.

Practical fixes won’t fix every problem, but they will fix some and greatly reduce others. It’s a wise and reasonable first consideration when dealing with problems.

Ask yourself what you could do to make situations less difficult. Do it, even if you think you shouldn’t have to.  Karin Ireland 

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