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April 3, 2012

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Last year, I wrote a tip about Sunday traditions:

… begin to gently create some traditions for Sunday. It might be something as simple as curling up with your sweetie for a nap each week. It might be baking up a batch of those cinnamon rolls that your family loves as a Sunday evening treat. How about a Sunday afternoon walk or a trip to the nearest assisted living center to hug on and talk to those without family to call on them.  Invite your sweetie (and family or friends) to join you in doing something weekly that brings meaning to your relationships and lives.

My family and I have started a new tradition that has sprung out of something our church gathering does. On Sundays, we share a meal with folks that we don’t know well (and we try to look outside the usual boundaries of inviting someone who looks like us, we invite singles, marrieds, with and without kids, old, young, different cultures, different everything). Sometimes we invite folks to our home, sometimes we go to their home, sometimes we dine out, and sometimes our whole church gathers for potluck at a local youth center.

It’s been an interesting adventure. We’re learning about REAL hospitality (we don’t do House Beautiful). We’re learning to plan and make room for others in our lives. We’re learning that there are some remarkable people out there on remarkable adventures with God (all of which is deeply encouraging and exciting to watch). It’s stretched us and caused us to think through our values and therefore our time use. And, what is really nice, is that sharing meals regularly with others is becoming less of a stretch for us. Planning meals is easier. Making room for others in our schedule is easier. We are more flexible and it’s bleeding over into other days of the week. 

Why not create a family tradition that causes you to reach out and bless those around you? Start Acts chapter 29.

… breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people.  Acts 2:46b-47a   NIV

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Try The Jellybean Date from the Happy Home Fairy. This one made me laugh, but, more than that, it proves that fun, special moments don’t have to be expensive. 


I love the “team mentality” of this guest post (on One Flesh Marriage) from Stu and Lisa (of Stupendous Marriage) ~ Help Each Other Up   Preach it!



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Kathleen April 3, 2012 at 3:27 pm

We do this every Sabbath (Saturday), but don’t go out to eat, as it would involve spending money and making other people work, so we either eat at home, or maybe have a potluck. We like to lay out in lawn chairs when it is nice outside.


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