Serve Wholeheartedly

March 11, 2012

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Lately I’ve been thinking about serving others.

It started with the submission series where I did some thinking about how leaders are supposed to use their position and abilities to serve, but then moved on to the concept of all believers having a heart to serve.

Serve wholeheartedly …  Ephesians 6:7a  NIV

That’s a tall order. Honestly some days it’s easy for me and other days I just want to thump someone in the head and say, “take care of it yourself.” I obviously have some growing to do. But that is the point. We are all on a journey to grow up and look more like Him.

A huge part of the journey is just knowing where you’re going and being willing to cooperating with the driver. As God brings people into your life, ask Him for wisdom on how to love and serve them. What does it look like to serve your husband? Your children? Your friends? 

For me, in revisiting this concept, I start with the simple stuff. What does my husband need for me to do that he can’t do for himself (or can’t do easily). I bake the sandwich rolls for our diet. Technically my husband can do it, but it’s far easier for me. And, honestly, I need to take on more of the kitchen duties for awhile because our day job responsibilities are changing and his work load is growing.

Next it’s about being thoughtful and working the serving concept into the little places of my life. If I’m going to the kitchen, I can ask him if he needs something to drink. If I’m running to the store, does he need something? Do I take into consideration his preferences? Can I be a help? (Sometimes not helping can be a help.) 

 The Kingdom of God is a bit backwards according to worldly wisdom.  It’s in losing our life that we find it.  Serve wholeheartedly.

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Be generous! Lori <><

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